Significant changes, like moving, are always tricky, regardless of age.

As we get older, we may feel “forced” into moving and selling the family home because we are dealing with more than one stressful situation, such as changes in health, the loss of a spouse, or the movements of adult children.

Yes, change is difficult, and there is comfort in the familiar. But sometimes the familiar becomes problematic, and change is required to make life better.

Consider the bright side of making a change when selling the family home:

Fewer Responsibilities

All the things you had to care for or hire out will no longer fall on your shoulders! A smaller living space means less maintenance, less cleaning, and less effort.


More Time To Call Your Own

Your to-do list will get significantly shorter the moment you move into your new location. Have you wanted to have more time to read, watch movies, travel, make new friends, or spend more time with the old ones?


A Clean Slate

It’s not often you can “recreate” yourself in life. Do you want to ditch old hobbies and pick up something new? Do you want to dress differently or change your hair? A new location means a unique opportunity to define who you are now, instead of the person others expect you to be.


An Excellent Excuse To Jettison Stuff

You may have to part with some things you like, but you also get to walk away from all the things you don’t. No more guilty feelings about tossing a gift you never really liked. You can stop providing the family’s storage unit. You can keep what you adore and pitch with abandon because you “just won’t have room at the new place”.

Sure, moving to a new home after so many years in this one is challenging. But, if you take charge and call the shots about how it gets done, this is more than a move – it’s an opportunity.

Don’t shy away from deciding how the next chapter of your life will play out. It’s your story. Make it an enjoyable, personal, and colorful one!