North Houston Home Selling Guide

Click HERE to download a free copy of my North Houston Home Selling Guide. This guide has some great information and includes checklists and even a few of my success stories.

Guide To Selling Your Home In North Houston

As a homeowner preparing to sell your property, it can be a real struggle to separate the sentimental ties you have to the house, where countless memories were made, from the necessity of helping potential buyers envision it as their future home.

Even if you’ve successfully navigated the emotional aspect of selling your home, there’s a whole new set of challenges when it comes to accurately pricing the house and attracting the right buyers. You might find yourself resorting to age-old practices like burying a St. Joseph statue in the yard or constantly scouring online listings day and night to gauge the pricing of similar homes on the market.

The more effort you put into the process, from locating an agent to list your home, addressing essential repairs, and keeping your property in impeccable shape for potential buyers to visit at a moment’s notice, the greater your chances of enticing serious buyers who are ready to pay a premium for your house. Browse through my North Houston Home Selling Guide to view my services, strategies, and tips to help the selling process go a lot smoother.

Why Hire A REALTOR®?

Selling a house requires not only getting a home into the possible shape to attract buyers, it means navigating through a myriad of forms, documents, and disclosure requirements. REALTORS® serve as trusted advisors through the listing and marketing stage through the negotiating and closing process. They offer knowledge about comparable properties in the area and provide informed advice about needed improvements and staging that generate interest from consumers and maximizes sale price. – National Association of REALTORS®

Here’s a list of my ultimate success services and strategies to get your home from LISTED to SOLD in my North Houston Home Selling Guide:

  1. Pre-Listing Preparation
    • Schedule a tour of your home.
    • Discuss any potential repairs, upgrades or staging to be completed before listing.
    • Establish an asking price based on the current market and comparable property listings.
    • Prepare your home to be photographed and put on the market.
  2. Listing Your Home
    • Your home will be put on the HAR MLS where it can be seen by other real estate agents who are searching for homes for their buyers. Your listing will also be posted on websites like Zillow and where potential buyers will be able to find your home.
    • A For Sale sign will be placed in front of your home as well as Open House signs before an open house takes place.
    • A lock box will be put on your door once your home is on the market. This allows agents who schedule showings for buyers access to your home.
  3. Marketing Strategy
    • Email Marketing – Your home will be featured in my email newsletter as well as sent out to my list of clients who are currently looking for homes.
    • Network Marketing – Your listing will be shared with my extensive network of real estate agents. to increase your home’s visibility.
    • Social Media Marketing – I use a variety of social media networks to get the word out about your listing.
  4. Contract Negotiations – Being flexible will help the offer and negotiation process go smoother, moving you one step closer to finalizing the sale of your home. I will help with negotiations such as price, conditions, and dates. We want a deal that satisfies both parties!
  5. Stay On Top Of Important Dates – Once you and the buyer have agreed on terms, the agreement is signed and your home is officially under contract. I will oversee important dates such as the earnest money and option fee deposit, option period, loan approval, survey, title commitment and the closing date.
  6. Negotiating Repairs – Buyers will typically arrange for an inspection and we may have to negotiate repair requests.
  7. Negotiating The Appraisal – We may have to work out appraisal issues if the buyer’s lender deems the home doesn’t meet value.
  8. Constant Communication – I will have constant communication with the lender and title company to ensure the closing date is met.
  9. Schedule Closing – I will schedule your closing with the title company based on your preferred time.
  10. CLOSING DAY! I will meet you at the title company and you will sign off on the transfer. Congratulations on your new ventures!

Click HERE to download a free copy of my North Houston Home Selling Guide. This guide has some great information and includes checklists and even a few of my success stories. Please reach out to me at 281-732-1498 via text or phone call if I can help you in your home selling process.