Utilizing Facebook When Transitioning Homes Can Be Very Useful

Getting ready to move and settling into a new home takes time and effort. Using social media before, during, and after your relocation can make the transition easier. Here are three ideas of how to use Facebook to help you settle into your new residence.

  1. Connect with your new community
    Does your new neighborhood have a Facebook group? Perhaps your new city has a page for residents or maybe even an online seniors society. Joining Facebook groups that connect you with your new community members is a way to make new contacts and stay informed of local events.
  2. Find vendors on Facebook
    If your move takes you to a new city, you may need referrals for local technicians and professionals. Consider Facebook as a tool to research local businesses because it provides you not just with contact info, but reviews written by their clients. Posting to ask for recommendations on community pages can also be a great source of suggestions on who to employ as your next plumber, dentist, or maintenance person.
  3. Try Facebook Marketplace
    Whether your dining table is the wrong size or you would like a new hutch for your entryway, a change in living space often means a change in furniture. Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell and buy used household items with others in your area—giving you a chance to earn money on what you no longer need and save on what you need to make your new house feel more like home.

Unfortunately, there are always people trying to scam the good folks. One of the most common scams now is if you are selling something, they will ask if it’s available and when you respond, they say they will want to buy it but wants your phone number to send you a “code” to see if you are real or not. Don’t fall for it. Always report them as well. 

For using its Marketplace feature, Facebook gives the following suggestions to help promote your safety:

  • Clean and disinfect items
  • Review the seller’s profile
  • Meet in person
  • Use online payment methods that are secure (Paypal, Venmo, etc.)
  • Communicate on Facebook through Messenger
  • Protect your privacy by not sharing passwords, usernames, or verification codes
  • Confirm fair pricing
  • Be wary of gift card scams
  • Verify the item before paying or sending a deposit
  • Don’t buy or sell recalled items
  • Watch out for counterfeit items

For more information about how to use Facebook Marketplace safely or find answers to other questions, check in with Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/1889067784738765

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