Buying a home in December or January has its perks. While most people are out bargain shopping for the best deals on Christmas gifts, why not shop for the best deals on a home? Homebuyers are usually always looking for a bargain price and without so much competition, you just might find a home at a price that will leave you jumping for joy.

In mid-2018, home sales sky-rocketed and hit historic highs in May. Many home buyers found themselves in multiple offer situations and offered more money than the listing price to get the home. December, January, and February are months to consider buying a home without competing with multiple buyers.

3 Big Reasons For Buying A Home In December Or January

  1. Let’s face it. A lot of people aren’t even thinking about buying homes right before or right after Christmas. This means there’s not as much competition in the home-buying field.
  2. Sellers are motivated to get their home sold especially if it’s been on the market a while.
  3. Mortgage interest rates are set to continue to rise, although they do fluctuate. Higher interests rates won’t affect your buying power, but it will certainly increase monthly notes. Talk to different lenders and see what types of loans they offer. Hop on board now to lock in your interest rate. It will possibly save you thousands of dollars in the course of your term.


Don’t go into holiday debt! If you do find yourself in the winter home-buying mood, don’t go blowing up your credit cards with all kinds of debt. You may have a great credit score, but the lenders will still look at your debt-to-income ratio.