Attending an open house is a great opportunity to see what’s behind the pictures in the MLS and also get a feel of the neighborhood. It’s also an opportunity to get to know the real estate agents in the area and develop a relationship with one if you don’t already have an agent. I hold a lot of open houses in the Kingwood and Humble areas and thought I’d put out some helpful open house etiquette tips for anyone in search of their new home.

Open House Etiquette

  1. Make sure you have the timing of the Open House correct. Not all agents hold Open Houses at the same time.
  2. Feel free to step on in the house without knocking or ringing the bell. Sometimes agents will lock the door for their safety.
  3. Most agents will greet you and have you sign in. This will show the sellers who have been in their home and it also will give the agent an opportunity to follow up with you.
  4. Keep kids under control. Keep your children with you at all times. An agent has a responsibility to the seller and would rather be talking to you about the home instead of chasing kids around making sure they’re not going to break something.
  5. Feedback is great, ugly remarks not so much. A lot of homeowners these days have video cameras, so try and refrain from ripping their home apart out loud. However, sellers and their agent always appreciate helpful feedback.
  6. Yes, you can open closet doors. Closet space is essential so check it out.
  7. Be respectful of the seller’s property. It’s not easy for a seller to open their home up to the public especially if they are still occupying the property.
  8. Absolutely ask the agent questions about the home, neighborhood, schools, HOA, etc.
  9. No appointment needed.
  10. Bring your agent with you if you are out house hunting. If you don’t bring your agent, just mention to the agent that’s holding the open house that you already have an agent.

What To Expect From The Open House Agent

Not all real estate agents are the same. I’m a talker and I enjoy getting to know everyone that comes through the door. Some agents will follow you through the entire home, some will let you have your space. All agents want to know if you are already being represented so don’t be afraid to let them know. More than likely an agent will have a sign in sheet. This shows the sellers who have been in their home, and it also gives information for the agent to possibly follow up with you, unless you are already being represented.  Remember that Realtors® are professionals. If you just started your search for a new home, agents have all the knowledge to help you in your venture. We all work with lenders so we have names and phone numbers that can help you with the pre-qualification process, as well as title companies, inspectors, etc. is a great resource for finding open houses.